Updates on Danny's Progress...

February 21st, 2019

Dr. Carter provided a very encouraging update today.  Danny is 100% off of the paralytic sedation drugs.  His ventilator rate has been reduced greatly.  He is gaining strength and starting to breathe more in his own with minimal support from the ventilator.  He will continue with the vent until his lungs show more improvement and strength.  The CT scan showed a pocket of fluid around his upper right lung.  The team is researching options to surgically remove this fluid, so hopefully they find a less envasive approach soon.  His kidney function is still of concern, so he will be starting more dialysis today to help.  He is still very weak and on pain/sedation drugs, however the staff has encouraged us to talk with him to help bring him out of the deep coma like state.  He is still critical, but the medical team is encouraged by the recent improvements he has made.  He is still being treated with heavy antibiotics for pneumonia and MSRA.  Please keep praying for Danny!!!!

February 12th, 2019

We spoke to the family and medical staff today. Danny had a very difficult night. He is critical and working to stabilize him. He was showing signs of decreased kidney output and was in need of 2 pints of blood. The medical staff stated that they removed fluid from Danny’s lungs that tested positive for pneumonia. Danny is receiving medication to combat the pneumonia. As part of Danny’s surgery he was placed on a ventilator yesterday and will remain on that for a few days. We have been advised by the medical staff that Danny cannot receive any visitors as stated yesterday. We must continue to support Danny and his family.



February 11th, 2019

Danny’s surgery went well. He has been placed back on a ventilator for a few days.  He is being watched carefully because he is at risk of pneumonia.  Until further notice, no visitors will be allowed.


February 7th, 2019

From Chief Tibbetts:


More good news.  I know news travels fast and maybe you already know this. This morning, we visited Danny. He was asleep, so myself and others were in the units waiting room.  10 – 15 minutes later the doors open, and here comes Danny with hospital staff on each side and a wheel chair behind him. HE WAS WALKING. He sat at the table with us along with family members for a short time, then was taken back to his room. He keeps improving.


February 6th, 2019

Burn swelling has decreased but risk of infection is a concern. He is still on a feeding tube. His airway has improved but still a concern. Danny is in pain and nauseated. Speech therapy has approved him for ice and water. He has been taken off of O2 and sustaining room air. He was able to walk about 30ft today and became weak. His hand motor skills are improving. His first of many surgeries is scheduled for Monday, February 11.


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